Bespoke product/Acute Aromatherapy (New Client)

£15.00 15 mins Sue Adlam


For new clients who require a clinical aromatherapy product for an acute or one-off situation. (health questionnaire required). PLEASE NOTE: if you are booking your time slot using a mobile, you need to select from the white section which is my availability. Press and hold and when you release the next screen will be revealed. INCLUDES: Up to 15-minute consultation if needed, consultation form with relevant health information, cost of products supplied will depend on cost of ingredients and number of products provided. Prices start at £20 plus postage which depends upon weight of your prescription. A bespoke essential oil blend may be less than this depending upon the oils that are used. TOTAL COST: £15 PLUS product(s) and postage. Invoice sent before prescription is prepared.

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